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Patrick Moran
Business Development Director

Where were you born?
Sydney, Australia
How long have you been in the construction industry?
12 years
What key skills do you offer Moran Project Interiors?
Project management, client relationship management and hands on experience in commercial construction.
Which project are you most proud of?
The 8 level renovation of Transport House Heritage Building, NSW. As a heritage listed building there were many interesting and challenging aspects to this project including base-building upgrades, installation of alpolic and zinc paneling to match the existing heritage look, completing all services cupboards, and installation of new secondary glazing to the seven levels.

What is your favourite piece of architecture?
My favourite interior at the moment  is at Bain and Company in Boston, US. The offices are light filled and are designed to encourage interaction, productivity, creativity and fun for their employees.  Staff can even take a break from work to shoot a game of pool!
What is your favourite time of the year?
I love winter time because it allows me to indulge in my favourite sport, skiing.

What is your favourite pastime?
I love being active, in particular I love martial arts, tennis, indoor rock climbing and golf.
What is your favourite book?
‘What the dog saw’ by Malcolm Gladwell, because of the compelling way he describes the relationship between cause and effect, and the quirks of human nature.
Where would you love to travel to?
I would love to visit Spain for the culture and the people, and Germany for the history and of course, the beer!
What is your favourite joke?
Any joke from Ricky Jervais.


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