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5 minutes with Daniel


Daniel Moran

Where were you born?
Sydney, Australia
How long have you been in the construction industry?
18 yrs
What key skills do you offer Moran Project Interiors?
Project management and hands on experience in commercial and residential construction, as well as change management experience focusing on improving efficiencies.  
Which project are you most proud of?
I ran a change management project to improve efficiencies and implement new strategies in a NSW state logistics office. The result was that this improvement increased  this office’s performance from last place to first place in the national group.  All other states then had to implement the same policies.
What is your favourite piece of architecture?
The Pantheon in Rome because it was the first of its type with a dome ceiling and was completely different to how other buildings of its time were designed and built.  More emphasis was placed on the design of the interior of the building than the exterior which was quite unique for it’s time.

What is your favourite time of the year?
Winter because everything looks cleaner and you feel more alive. Also it is easier to warm up in winter than it is to cool down in summer.
What is your favourite pastime?
On weekends I love to head out of Sydney and relax in the quiet of the country. I also love bushwalking and I plan to take up sailing this summer.
What is your favourite book?

‘Soldier, Statesman, Peacemaker. Leadership Lessons from George C. Marshall’ by Jack Uldrich, because it shows what one great man can do and how other great men and women can flourish because of his leadership.
Where would you love to travel to?
I would love to visit Germany again because I love the history and the beauty. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling through the Black Forest and south west Germany and  there is so much more to see!
What is your favourite joke?
I find Russell Peters comedy very funny.


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